Un-Breaking Up

Un-breaking up is a term which has been given to a couple that get together again having separated. It isn’t all couples that would want to get back together but there is seemingly enough to warrant there being several websites like Unbreakup.orgwhich give advice on how couples can get back together.

Getting back an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is not usually very easy and so that is why these websites offer advice and in many cases the advice they give is similar. The main emphasis most of the sites concentrate on isthe fact that someone should never beg for their ex to come back as that is a sign of weakness which will just foster feelings of disrespect in them.

Although an ex may return after being begged, they generally only return through feeling pity for the person doing the begging anda feeling of sorrow or pity for someone is not solid ground for re-building a relationship and so that relationship will not last long and once again the couple will be separated, this time probably for good.

Most of these guides will stress how difficult it will be to win back an ex and so recommend someone is fully committed to doing so before they even try as finding a new partner would probably be easier. Some people though do believe that their ex is the right person for them, perhaps their soul mate and so will go to any lengths to get them back. Those efforts though should not include stalking the ex though as that will just get them mad if they suspect you of doing so.

You must therefore plan a casual, ‘accidental’ meeting an at that meeting though do not gush over them but instead just calmly ask how they are getting on and let them know you miss them. Hopefully you will get a similar response and so can take it from there, perhaps suggesting taking a coffee together to discuss how each other feels.

At any meeting you have with an ex it has been shown that bringing up the past, even mentioning the good times you shared, is a mistake as more often than not that also reminds them of the bad times and they remember the reason why the two of you broke up. Instead talk of the future, mentioning things you know they like, perhaps romantic picnics or candle light suppers.

If your ex left you because of the way you dressed or acted, be sure to dress differently to what you used to and also act differently from what you used to.

It will not be enough to just tell them that you have changed; you will have to show them that you have changed in the way you dress and act. Of course though, if you are successful in winning back your ex, always remember the reasons why you broke up and try and not repeat the same mistakes twice as it is even harder to get them back a second time.